New Feature Alert - The Daddy Leagues Draft Recap

by poohty_t 3 years ago

Today Daddy Leagues is announcing its 3rd major upgrade for the Madden 21 season. In case you missed it , previously Daddy Leagues announced that you can now set which notifications your bot sends to your chat and which ones you may not want it to send- Notification Options Post . Also Daddy Leagues announced the new Trade Console - Trade Console Post that is meant to really help streamline and speed up the process for those leagues that require trades to be approved by admins. These were two highly requested features .

Today Daddy Leagues is excited to announce a new Draft Recap Section to your league pages.

**VERY IMPORTANT**- In order to get this recap to work you must send league info and rosters together, also send weekly stats(pick all weeks) separately while in week 1 of the preseason after your draft. This is when the data for the recap will be pulled. You can find the recap in new section in your Nav Bar labeled "Draft". When you click Draft you will see a few options as this recap offers several breakdowns.

The first option you will see is Recap. Here you will see a breakdown of each round , who was picked in picks 1-32 of each round . What team made them , the player they picked, their dev, age, overall and a link to take you quickly to their player page. So you can get a quick view of how the draft went exactly in order by each round.

The second option is a "Top Ten" list that will list the top 10 players drafted ( by overall) and who drafted them.

The third option of the Draft Recap is the labeled Top Tier. This section tells the Number Of Players Drafted in the "Top Tier" of players from the draft. The "Top Tier" players are based on the top 25% ( by their overall rating) of players drafted. This section will show a list of how many of the "Top Tier" players each team drafted.

The fourth option is labeled Best Draft Award . This award is given out to the team who had the best draft based on how many of the Top Tier players they drafted along with a formula that adds on points for each player a team drafts thats above normal dev. This is just an extra way for bragging rights in your league when you see your team logo listed as the winner of the Best Draft Award. So even if you cant win a lot of games you still might be able to win an award .

The fifth option is labeled Best Picks. This section will show ( in order sorted by overall from highest to lowest) the top rated player for each position drafted along with what team picked them, the round picked in , what place in the round they were picked, age , dev and overall rating. This will give you a quick list to see the best players picked at each position in the draft and when they were picked.

Daddy Leagues hopes you will enjoy this new feature to add a little more extra to your leagues. Many leagues already manually have been trying to keep track of much of this info, this will hopefully make it much easier to keep up with. As well you will be able to go back and see past draft recaps as you progress thru the years. Just another way Daddy Leagues is trying to find new things to add within the limitations allowed due to the limited options given with the info from the app. Thank you all for your continued support over the years and welcome to all the new 1st time users and Leagues. Daddy Leagues hopes you enjoy your league pages. As always feel free to post suggestions for new features in the forums . Hope you all have a blast for Madden 21.


AST1N 3 years ago

I love you.

Rogert020 3 years ago

Awesome addition to the page

KlyVertigo 3 years ago

Sounds awesome! Keep up the great work, it's definitely appreciated.

Bchristensen75 3 years ago


Rudy.brown.545 3 years ago

Amazing. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to use it .

Sountouchble 3 years ago

Awesome addition! Thanks fellas.

Kris_06905 3 years ago

This is the best thing added in a while. Nice job DL!!

Rudy.brown.545 3 years ago

Is there anyway we can pull the storyline/twitter content from the console CFM and pull to daddy league? Using the companion app?

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