Another Friday, and another MLB The Show roster update. Following last week, which in my opinion was probably the biggest roster update we have seen so far, this week is probably the total opposite. Their really isn't too much in the way of big +/- movers unless you get down into the low 80s and mid to upper 70s. But this was a decent week for some prime and rookie flashbacks with pretty good overall, as...

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by IVIonteith | 2016-07-01 | 0 Comments

The new 6/24 roster update is out! And boy is this a big one! There was some huge changes in this roster update a few big, big drops for some guys and an addition of new flashback cards as well. So let's get into it and break it down for you guys. 


As always let's start w...

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The MLB 16 6/10 roster update was released this morning before the DaddyLeagues team departs for EA Play and E3! So let us quickly highlight the new cards added as well as the biggest movers on the +/- side as well. 


The best addition this week is the new Adam Wainwright card. Th...

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The 5/27 roster update is here! And alongside some of the bigger changes on the +/- side I will also highlight some of the new cards added in today's update. 


First new card is a legend Robin Yount, SS for the Brewers

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Madden 17 New Features Part 2


Well guys, we now have part two of the new features! And let me tell you something; I am really excited about this one because it has addressed not only some major topics for me personally but also some issues close to the hearts of the community. Let...

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by IVIonteith | 2016-05-26 | 17 Comments

The next roster update for MLB The Show 16 came out today, and we are going to highlight some changes. As always, you can find your full list of ratings changes as well as easily compare which attributes have changed from a week to week basis, but we are going to highlight here some of the more notable ones as well as some fan favorite players getting a boost or dropping down. 


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Madden 17: The Ground Game

It's finally here!! Our first real bit of Madden 17 news regarding new features and gameplay. While many of us here at DaddyLeagues are anxiously awaiting the CFM news, gameplay really is the core of Madden and that's just what we got today: Madden 17 gap assignments and ball carrier moves. ...

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Madden 17 Release Date Revealed, Cover Athlete Announcement


We have finally gotten our first taste of Madden 17 news for all the fans waiting: Madden 17 will be released August 23rd this year. 


Not the bigg...

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by IVIonteith | 2016-05-09 | 3 Comments


Madden 17 Top 5 CFM Sleeper Teams: Post Draft Edition


As the NFL Draft is coming to an end, and most Madden leagues are either dying or restarting with the most up to date rosters; the anticipation for Madden 17 is about to reach its all time high. The analyzing, debating, and back and forth of...

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by IVIonteith | 2016-05-03 | 11 Comments