PS4 Superbowl Winners

Daddy Leagues Tourney Rules:

Welcome to the Daddy Leagues Winter Invitational Tournament. Each person selected, was selected based on margin of victory and strength of Schedule. You have been selected to join in this tournament of SuperBowl champions to compete for the top title of Daddy Leagues Superbowls Champions Title.  Below you will find the Rules of this tournament , and what you must do to accept this invitation.You have only 48 hours to accept this invitiation ( accept button), if no accepted by then , your invite will get sent to another person.

There will be prizes for both consoles tournaments , $400 in tournament prizes, $150 for the winner and $50 for the runner up.

All participants MUST use the GroupMe chat. Everyone involved must use this as a means of quick and easy communication between players , so no one has to give out any phone numbers.

Each game must be live streamed ( and each stream channel must be set up to auto record streams) by the Home team. 

Do not be found just running 3-5 plays per game. Mix it up and play in a realistic fashion. Its ok to run same play some, but just be realistic about it .

- Must change GroupMe name to match your DL name and also put what league your representing

- Max of 3 days to get each rounds games in.

- All madden , 5 or 6 min quarters ( that is your choice just pick which).

- team streaming must post stream link in chat before game starts

-   No going for it on 4th down on your side of the field, unless down big ( 3 scores or more) , or down a score in the 4th .

-   No onside kicks unless behind.

-   You may only run persistent hurry up if there is less than 2 minutes left to go in the half or at the end of the game.

-  You must always have at least 2 players rushing the passer but majority of game should be 3 rushing.You are allowed to put Dlinemen into QB spy but these do not count as players rushing the passer.

- In case of a DC. Note time left in game, score, and possession. Start a new game, giving the ball to the correct team. Agree with one another what time in new game will be “ end of game” and add up scores from first time played , and the second time played until “ end of game” time agreed by both parties.

- All infractions to rules , in order to submit an infraction you must : Find video , note time in video infraction happened, and submit link to video to rules committee along with detail of infraction and exactly what time in video it took place. Rules committee will not hunt thru entire game footage to find it for you.

- If found breaking a rule , person who broke the rule will be auto Disqualified from the tournament.As well , will be banned  from any Daddy Leagues Tournaments that may happen in the future.

- Be kind to all participants , in GroupME chat, or on console chat in game. Those found to be being disrespectful to others will also be given force loses and banned from any further events held by Daddy Leagues.

- All punishments handed down by rules committee will be final . If that does not sound like a great thing, don’t do something that may put them in a place to give you a forced loss.You read the rules, follow them.

Remember , this tournament , is here to try to represent the SIM community. Lets all do our parts to represent this community as respectful people. You are being the face for this community by taking part in this tournament. Do it with dignity and honor. For the culture  , to show the rest of the madden world, how its really done. Play real football out there and not try to use exploits to win .