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Teach for America a Devlin Collins Story

Devlin Collins a 25 year old second year linebacker out of Utah, hit the XCFL last year running, he recorded 54 solo tackles, 2 interceptions, and 2 sacks, in route to a steller rookie campaign. But it was the work he did off the field that might have inspired the Buffalo community more. 

Devlin who majored in Secondary Education at Utah, took two years of subbatical leave after his junior year, to use his teaching degree to help out local high schools. One high school in particular, North Side High School was developing a new program Teach for America, and needed a face to help raise awareness for this cause. Enter Devlin Collins.

Devlin used his Utah Football popularity to help get this charity off the ground. Teach for America is a charity that works toward the day when every child will receive an excellent and eqitable education. They find and nurture leaders who commit to expanding opportunity for low-income students, beginning with at least two years teaching in a public school.

Devlin's determination and time did indeed get this wonderful ideal up and running. Today we see a big physical linebacker who shreds offensive lineman and tackles everything that moves, but underneath those pads, is a man who cares very deeply about education today and his heart is all about Teach for America.


Draft Profile : Barry Leake

Like father like son, the upcoming XCFL draft has a young man whose father is an XCFL legend. The young man is Barry Leake TE out of Missouri, the son the legendary Riley Leake who still holds the XCFL record for Receiving TD's and Receptions in a season. 

Barry, who stands 6'2 as opposed to his father who was an atonishing 6'8, has made his mark in college as a blocking tight end. Although he did have five TD's his senior year, he loves the trenches and sealing the edge. He is a hard worker, just like dad, who is respected by his teammates. He was a two time captain of the Tigers squad. He had hoped to follow in his dads foot steps and attend Oklahoma, but after visting with coaches and seeing the campass, he knew that Missouri was the place for him.

Barry played offensive line in high school his Freshman and Sophmore year, earning all-state honors, before coverting to tight end as a junior. He set benching and squat records and was known as a gym rat. He looks posied to have a great combine, with his 6'2 frame he should dominate the strength portion, the 40 time will cement his round. He was a late round prospect, but has been flying up draft boards in the last two weeks.

With his dad as the offensive coordinator in Buffalo, the story would be to see the Bills draft him. Time will tell, what the plan is. I will say talking to Riley about Barry, he said he would love to add him to the tight end room, so we shall see.

Draft approaches, almost time to see combines and finalize draft boards. this could very well be the last draft that has a major baring on this cycle. 


Heisman History

I thought it would be neat to look back at the XCFL Heisman history. Here is a list of the eleven Heismans to date;

2019 Tim Brock ROLB drafted by Denver, has played for Chargers, Eagles, and is currently on the 49ers roster.

2020 Dom McDonald FS Kansas City

2021 Jadin Wilkerson HB Cincinnati 

2022 Ronald Vernon MLB Tennessee 

2023 Damarius Murdock SS Jacksonville, he currently is on Seattle's roster.

2024 Jarry Chamberlain LOLB Buffalo 

2025 Mack Beal HB Cincinnati 

2026 Parker "Baby Shark" Corcoran WE Los Angeles Chargers

2027 Myles Edmunds QB Buffalo 

2028 Mack Whitmore LOLB Los Angeles Rams

2029 Terrell Barr CB Jacksonville 

So it appears that defense has dominated the Heisman winning 7 of the 11. With the exception of Tim Brock and Damarius Murdock, every other Heisman winner has remained on the team they were drafted by. Two of the eleven were X factors Dom McDonald and Terrelle Barr. We have only seen one QB Myles Edmond and strangely enough both HB's were drafted by Cincinnati in Jadin Wilkerson and Mack Beal. 
Who will join these eleven? I figure we will get a chance to see three more added to the list.



Milestone Watch - Daymond Cofield

History approaches for Daymond Cofield. Lets take a look at his career;


Daymond was drafted 18th overall back 2022. He was a twin brother to Deion Cofield who was drafted 3rd overall to the San Francisco. Deion went to the pretigous Oregon University, Daymond got in trouble in high school and had to settle for a smaller divsion one school Bowling Green. 

Daymond took over at starting halfback his rookie year and has done nothing but produce at a high level, racking up 1331 yards and 21 scores, he was named Offensive Rookie of the Year. Since that season he has gone onto produce yardage and touchdowns for the Bills. He was 37 yards shy in 2024 of hitting 1000 yards due to a knee injury in week 14. He has become a duel threat in both the running and passing game, breaking the 2000 yard from scramage total twice in a season.

After week ones game this season, the history books are ready for him, Daymond's career totals are as follows;

Career Rushing yardage 9,990, he is ten yards shy of the 10,000 yard mark. He has produced 89 rushing touchdowns. If that isn't enough, Daymond has 3,901 career receiving yards and 15 touchdowns. He has lived up to the nickname "Money". 

So, were does he stack up in the long line of Buffalo Hall of Fame running backs?

1. Thuman Thomas 11,938 yards and 65 touchdowns

2. O.J. Simpson 10,183 yards and 57 touchdowns

3. Daymond Cofield 9,990 yards and 89 touchdowns.

Not too shabby, I wouldn't be surprised to see both Cofields enshrined when its all said and done. Right now, we need Daymond focused on getting wins, the stats will take care of themselves, but ten yards away and playing at home vs Titans next, it will be cool to see him earn it in front of the Mafia.

Go Bills.



Ahmad Bates - M.A.N.

To be named to the final five of Man of the Year is an amazing honor. All 32 people that represented each team, gave countless hours of service and all are greatly appriciated in there communities, however, five stood out amongst thier peers. To each one of those individuals; Houston Texan Brian Vega, Los Angeles Charger Parker "Baby Shark" Corcoran, Denver Broncos Titus Shaw, Buffalo Bill Ahmad Bates, and Green Bay Packer Jaron Ramsey we say thank you and great work.

This article is about one of those five, that stands for what a M.A.N. is. The man in question is Ahmad Bates. Ahmad came into the XCFL as a 24 year old with a twice rebuilt knee. He knows what it means to hope, fight, battle against all odds, etc... Ahmad was told his playing days were over after an injury riddled career at Florida, he watched on draft day, as he slide down to draft board, eventually going 17 to the Buffalo Bills. The question is what makes up this M.A.N.?

The M stands for Magnanimous. Ahmad is a big hearted man, he is noble to a cause and that cause is Haiti. HIs generous spirit has lifted hopes and improved lives over there. His donations that totaled in excess of one million dollars this past year, have improved school systems, roadways, food banks, and overall moral.

The A stands for Available. Ahmad has made three trips to Haiti within the past 14 months. He even took time over his bye week to travel to Haiti and see the school building get opened. Its one thing to write a blind check, which is a great thing to do, but to jump in and get your hands dirty, pull up your sleeves and work shoulder to shoulder, shows a commitment to everyone. This is more then a publicity stunt, this man cares!

The N stands for Noble. Ahmad is and has always been a man of high moral. he believes in leading by example and is loved by his teamates, family, and friends. He has taken a dream of improving life in Haiti and made it a reality by standing true to his word.

As we await the final vote to see what one man will stand out above the rest, I feel very confident that all three of these boxes have been checked. Congrads to all the nominees and good luck to Ahmad, without his efforts over the past 14 months, Haiti would not have the resources, hope, and strength that they do today.



Draft Profile : Jared Wheeler

Well, with the XCFL draft just a few weeks away, never a better time then to spotlight one of the youngsters. Today, we will look at the yound man Jared Wheeler quarterback out of Colorado. You might remember Jared's older brother Hudson, drafted by Griz's Jacksonville squad. Hudson has had an up and down XCFL career moving from Jacksonville to Los Angeles, but make no mistake, the nine year vet has had a pretty good run. He currently backs up William Foulds on Brackett's sqaud. 

When you compare the two brothers, Jared is three inches taller, standing 6'6 and has an arm that is rated stronger then his brother. The Wheeler brothers grew up in Northern Kentucky in a town called Owensboro. A town most known for producting NASCAR drivers six in total, has produced one and on the verge of their second XCFL QB. Hudson stayed close and attended Louisville, Jared chose a different path.

Jared, gifted with an A+ arm, chose to attend Colorado for his college, he got the chance to play football in the fall and was a closer on the Buffalo's baseball team. With a fastball clocked at 93 MPH, you figured he would jump on a chance to pitch in the MLB, especially after being drafted in the first round by the Colorado Rookies. But his love for football proved too much, he played both football and baseball his Freshman and Sophomore seasons, and then told the baseball coach he wanted to focus soley on the football program. 

What followed after that was a junior and senior season, were Jared lead the nation in completion percentage and yardage. They won back to back PAC -12 championships and have been a top 10 program. Jared could have came out last year and been a for sure round one draft pick, but felt like he owed Colorado, one more year of service. 

Viewed as the top QB in this class, we expect to see Jared as a top fifteen pick. Best of luck and if you get a chance on this young man, your getting a true talent, with a live arm.  



Man of the Year Update : Ahmad Bates "Hope for Haiti"

Week six Buffalo will host Miami, right after that game, Ahmad will be on a plane and in route to Haiti. Taking advantage of the upcoming bye week to help carry books and medical supplies in country. This will be the third trip he has made over to Haiti within the past seven monthes. It is very common to see celibraties involved in different charities, but Ahmad has taken the "Hope for Haiti" to a whole new level. 

He donated an amazing $125,000 dollars to Haiti relief at the start of this season, he also started a campaine to donate $10,000 per sack in this upcoming season. Inspired by the whole Haiti trip, Ahmad just had a career game in Week five, where he had four sacks alone. With seven sacks on the year, good for second in the XCFL. Ahmad wants to do even more. I asked Ahmad if he had a sack goal at the start of the season and he replied "...I would love to get twenty!..."at this pace, that is possible.

When he arrives in Haiti, he plans to visit the construction site for the school and the activity center first. These structures were started at the end of last year, and have really fueled Ahmad's passion for Haiti. He also plans on helping pass out over 25 tons of food, school books, clothing, and medical supplies. 

On the field, Ahmad is known as a beast, a man amoung men. He has been a factor in the XCFL since his arrival. With five probowls, a rookie of the year runner up award, six time team captain, just to name a few. 

Off the field, Ahmad is married and a father of three, he is a Youth Paster and helps at local boys and girls club. He has made a career out of donating time for good causes. He latched onto Haiti two years ago, and created "Hope for Haiti" as a way for everyone to give directly to his new passion.

We hope Ahmad has a safe and productive trip and we look forward to seeing the progress that has been made over there, we also look forward to having Ahmad back in the fold for week eight so he can continue to rack up sacks for a great cause.



Ahmad Bates, a bigger man off the field

Buffalo Bills’ star defensive tackle Ahmad Bates will be teaming up with Hope for Haiti as he continues to give back to those in need.

It’s becoming a trend with Ahmad Bates. The Buffalo Bills‘ defensive tackle has found a new hobby off the field with his charity work and it continues to inspire fans and groups around the world. This time, Ahmad will be partnering with Hope for Haiti, a U.S.-based charity, to help Haitian families in need.

In addition to a $125,000 donation to the charity, Ahmad Bates will be taking a humanitarian trip to Haiti on his bye week, to further show his appreciation for his community. Included in the trip to Haiti, Ahmad will be visiting several schools and orphanages throughout the country to see exactly where his money is going and what it will be used for.

“I’m happy that I’m able to partner with Hope for Haiti, which is giving me the opportunity to meet and understand the people who are benefiting from my support,” said Ahmad Bates.

The XCFL is blessed with many superstars who donate a lot of time and money. It's great to see that Buffalo might have one of the most giving ones. 

From all of us in Buffalo news, community,  and management, thank you Ahmad for your generosity. 


Draft Profile : Lincoln Chaney

In what has been dubbed as the year of the cornerback. One man has stood out all year. That man is Lincoln Chaney cornerback out of Northern Illinois. Lincoln is an underclassman, who elected to come out early after a record breaking junior year in which he lead the nation in interceptions with 14. He was named the Jim Thorpe Award winner for the second consecutive year. He has been told his whole life he is too small, he is not strong enough, he will never get to play in the XCFL. All he has done with the doubters is prove them wrong, he was a four year starter in High School, he has played division one college ball and has been voted the best of his position year after year. 

With the XCFL draft quickly approaching, not only is he viewed as a first round talent, but there are many people that believe he is guarenteed to be a top five pick. The Buffalo Bills set around 7 or 8 and have been linked to Lincoln. Buffalo has scouted 8 of Northen Illinois's games this season. 

Lincoln is nicknamed "Sensei"  becuase of his black belt rank in karate. He is a very strong individual and uses his power to help him defend the run. 

Lincoln hopes to join only LArry English, as a Northern Illinios first round pick, good luck man!


Update: Shortly after publishing this, the Buffalo Bills made a trade from seven to one in the upcoming draft? Very interesting, stay tuned.



Here is my list of top five XCFL rivals :

5. Doss vs Josh? Is this one a real one? I have heard a few murmurs on chat that these two have had a rivalry in the past. Honestly, I have never seen it, but I'm only a year and half into the whole XCFL scene. Maybe be listing them in the top five I can rekindle an old flame? Seriously, two good users and good people, always fun to play both, if there is smoke here, I can only assume it is a very friendly and competative rivalry. No ideal on the percentage of this one..

4.Nick vs Prince - I'm hearing these two have had a great rivalry in the past, both appear to be top level users, it will be fun to see these two continue into M21. Can we get these two in the same divison? I can only see this as a good friendly rivalry. 80% friendly 20% grudge.

3. Higgie vs Rob - Office mates during the day, these two have found a way to spark the league whether its a hot podcast, or just an every day bleep in the main chat. Truth be told, I have a lot of respect for Ihiggie, I feel like he is a top level user and I secretly root for him, but man I have to throw shade to keep this rivalry going. Rob owns the XCFL lifetime head to head vs Ihiggie (I don't know how), but win/lose records for these two aren't even close. 50% friendly, 50 % grudge.

2. Tosh vs Jack - Seems like this game happens just about everytime a superbowl goes down this cycle. Arguably the top two users in the league, they scheme and gameplan like no other. Always must watch TV when these two showdown, a very friendly rivalry indeed. 75% friendly 25% grudge.

1. Boone vs Brian - I don't care who you think should top this list, these two made for some of the greatest XCFL game broadcasts in M19. The mics were smoking hot and the curse words rang out when the Titans vs Texans went down. My only real grip is that we couldnt broadcast them all! Two great users that because of different divisions in M20 havent been able to rekindle that love/hate relationship that we all enjoy. 100% grudge. 




Running backs - The Buffalo Stampede

Every team, every city has an identity. In Buffalo, we are known for Niagra Falls, Hot wings, and running backs. We have been blessed and spoiled by the likes of Thurman, O.J., Freddy, Willis, LeSean, Cookie, etc...and then  Daymond came to us. Daymond or "Money" as he is known, came to us at the 18th pick in round one of the 2022 draft. He exploded on the scene, winning rookie of the year honors in route to a 1331 yard 21 TD season. Now, after six full seasons Daymond ranks as three on the list of all time Buffalo Bills running backs for yardage (7887 yards), behind only Thurman Thomas (11,938 yards) and O.J. Simpson (10,183 yards). Daymond currently is first in touchdown rushes all time by a Bill with 72 year to date. If he can continue his streak of health, He should surpass them both on yardage and become the all time greatest Buffalo Bill running back. 

With Buffalo entering a bye week sitting at 2-2, thanks to Daymond who is running at about 7.4 yards a carry, we wonder if we can finally break over that hump and notch a playoff birth? These are fun times for sure, lets pound that rock and hope for the best.



Draft Profile : Tavarus Houston

Is it ever to early to talk about the draft? Here in the XCFL we have seen our share of poor draft prospects. One of the hardest thing to find is a good pass rush prospect. If you go back to draft one, the Titans hit gold with Mr. Walker, since then, can't miss prospects like Terrance Baxter and Luke Wood have been far from inpressive. And then theres Clemson's phenom Tavarus Houston. Born in South Beach, Tavarus was a big kid in high school that was super fast. He ran anchor on the 4 by 100's at a weight of 320 pounds. He was an all state offense guard his junior and senior years. Clemson came knocking because of a video they saw of him running track and asked him if he could slim down a little. Tavarus went on a P90 workout schedule and by the following fall had dropped to a heathy 300 pounds. His first year at Clemson he started as the right guard, by the time his sophomore year rolled around the p90 fitness freak was an amazing 275 pound and so quick on pulling for the running backs, he was forced to slow down so the back could get behind him. With two games to go in the regular season, the defensive cordinator asked if he could be used in third and long situations. In the final two games, Tavarus amassed five sacks and two forcesd fumbles and never played another snap on offense. His junior year hee showed up at a chisled 256 pounds and went on to lead the nation in sacks and forced fumbles. Tavarus was named the Chuck Bednarik award winner for having on eof the greatest seasons as a pass rusher this nation has ever seen. He is a finalist for the Heisman and we will see who gets it. He is going to forego his senior season and enter the XCFL draft. Please owners, do not worry about the past, Tavarus "P90" Houston is the real deal and with just a handful of seasons to go, will make an impact for some team. As for this draft, I cant speak for everyone, but this man is ready!


The Legend of Stuart Eakin

As we begin the new season, Buffalo has added a new team captain to the mix, young Stuart Eakin will wear a "C" on his chest. In what became a Cinderalla story last season, with Stuart going 7-8 in 15 games and winning three division games, Stuart showed he was a winner. Now he has had a full off-season taking all the number one reps, its time to see what he can do. Buffalo lost the home opener to Oakland behind a four touchdown and 339 yard throwing performace, it will take all three facits to win in the XCFL. Stuart shows good poise and confidence, the Bills just need to get some early season wins to build momentum. Stuart has created a strong bond with Julian Booth, DJ Thompkins, and Andy Isabella, we are hoping he brings Dallas Henderson into the group as well. So far he appears confindent in Dallas. Ten wins gives you a good chance in the AFC lets see if he can get it done! To spot the Bills a playoff spot is stuff that legends are made out of, Does Stuart have what it takes? Time will tell... #itsourtime 


Mock Draft Time

Tonight is the big night, time to take a quick look at the top ten predictions for this evening;

1. Steelers - Arthur Mays CB Arkansas, head and shoulders the best player in the draft. Art will make Ramsey expendable. 

2.Rams - Jameson Bryan HB Oklahoma, Gurley's replacement and immedient XCFL star. Total package and three down back.

3.Buccaneers - WIll Carroll WR South Carolina, Winston stays in Tampa and gets rewarded a 6'6 monster as a target.

4.Giants - Jameson McPherson WR Kansas, this big 6'2 deep threat can help Russo get comfortable in New York.

5. Cardinals - JaMichael McAllister ROLB UCLA, an all around stud linebacker, he will take names for the rest of this cycle.

6. Falcons - Mack Beal HB Rice, The Heisman Trophy winner falls to the Falcons, he adds to his young offense anthor weapon. Mack Truck, how can you go wrong with him.

7. Steelers - Kenny Arrington RE Kentucky, maybe the second best player in this draft. Let me get this straight, the Steelers get the top two players? Well played Jared.

8. Chiefs - Darian Ashe CB Oregon, Shawn is crushed to find out he only got a superstar and not an X-factor in the first round.

9. Eagles - Jelan James LT USF, sooner or later someone would draft the first offensive lineman (buzz kill).

10. Raiders - JaWuan Myles WR Houston, Tommy's past target who inflated his draft stock. JaWuan is a tall fast version of John Ross, except he can actually do a lot more then just run. 


There you have it, I think tonight we will see what appears to be a down draft, have some real hidden gems. middle rounds is were the value is at in this years draft. Best of luck to all, and if I didnt get your team right in the above picks, my bad. Also, I tried to go off of true value and not necessarily team needs.


Draft Profile : Russell Quincy

Well, its almost that time a year again. If we can catch fire on playing these games, the XCFL draft  could come as early as next weekend. With that being said lets discuss this years Quarterback class or the lack of I should say. With the mixed sucess from last years class that saw five become everyday starters, to the rest being third string at best, this years class is weak across the board, except for one man. Russell "the love muscle" Quincy. Russell is a junior thats coming out early because of the weak overall class. He played his college football at his hometown college in Wyoming. Russell probably should have stayed an extra year, being projected as a late third rounder, but with this class he is all but assured of someone taking a first round flyer on him. Blessed with elite arm strength that seems to be hard to find this year, Russell can make all the throws and then some. Ruseel was drafted out of high school by the Oakland As but his love of football kept sent him to Wyoming. He has a big frame at 6'5 233 pounds. If you draft Russell and let him sit a year, he has the potential to turn into a started in the XCFL. WIth the exception of him, you might not see another quarterback drafted until round three at best. Be ready guys to welcome the Love Muscle to the XCFL in less then two weeks....