Top 10 Under 25

Since were only in week 9, It’s a little too early to do a redraft for this past draft.  Instead I’m going to do a top 10 countdown of players under 25 years old.  That’s UNDER 25 so nobody who has turned 25 will make the list.  This will include drafted and non-drafted players and I will take stats but also users/attributes into consideration while making this Top 10.  These are guys that will be cornerstones for their respe...

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On the left we have the original preseason odds and on the right is where they are now

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Here's where the jersey sales sit at the midway point of Season 4.


1. Salvador Sanchez GB QB-  The Quarterback affectionately known as Sprinkles has the Packers at 6-3. He has a 15 TD to 11 INT ratio and is completing 66% of his passes for 2,163 yards. A solid start to the rookie's career.

2. Roy Dixon MIA TE- Big Roy Dixon has racked up 47 catches for 594 yards and 12 TDs down in South Beach. ...

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He’s at it again! I think you all enjoyed the last redraft so here’s the season prior.

Using the 2020 draft order and current rosters, we'll remove all rookies from their respective teams and go through first 10 selections to determine the best choice for each club.


  1. Marquise Williams CB – Giants
  2. Jermaine Easley OLB – Giants
  3. Dalton Decker QB – Bengals
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Here is Season 27 survivor pool statistics and at the end of this article will be the updated overall statistics to this point. Season 28 stats will not be put out until the survivor pool for the season is complete. This was the longest lasting survivor pool of the cycle so there were a lot of changes to the stats! Enjoy!


Season 27

Browns – Picked 15 Times – 80% Success Rate

Steelers – Picked 3 Tim...

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I wanted to shed light on some survivor pool statistics. This is something that I would like to keep up on from season to season, I plan to cover every season in this Madden 20 cycle. For this article I will be showing stats from Season 25 and Season 26. I will be showing stats for each season individually and at the end will give overall stats as well. I hope you guys enjoy this, and maybe this will help in your future survivor hopes!


Season 25 ...

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When they speak publicly, general managers won't admit to the desire to pick a different player in hypothetical re-draft scenarios.

Then again, we know the selection order wouldn't look the same if all rookies returned to the draft pool. Based on first-year production, some clubs hit on their opening-round picks—others may want a do-over. 

Using the 2021 draft order and current rosters, we'll remove all rookies from their respective teams and go...

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Top 3 XCFL Running Backs so far this M20 Cycle

  1. Saquan Barkley

Saquan Barkley has flat out been a beast for far this cycle.  Even if you take out his lackluster first season, he has averaged nearly 1800 yards rushing and over 20 rushing TD’s.  That’s insane for a pass happy game that’s equally as hard to run the ball consistently.  Barkley has won the previous 2 XCFL Most Outstanding Player Awards and is on pace to be a...

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Top 3 XCFL Quarterbacks so far this M20 Cycle

  1. Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson has been the top signal caller so far this Madden Cycle.  Although Regan hasn’t won it all, he certainly has the QB to do so.  He’s been a finalist for XCFL Player of the Year 2 of the 3 seasons and has compiled some fantastic stats for a “running back”. 

Season 25 – 204...

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#32 Detriot Lions (0-4) Which way is up? which way is down? I'm pretty sure the Lions don't know. A team with no identity or leader. They need major change.
#31 Buffalo Bills (0-4) One of the two winless teams in the league. The Bills play in a tough division and also have been hit by the injury bug. Offseason will be important for them for next season.
#30 Cincinna...
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