Lets take a moment and look at the top safety in this upcoming XCFL Draft. Mateo Estrada, son of Asa Estrada a professional rodeo clown. Now before you judge Asa, remember, he gets paid to aggravate 2000 pound bulls and keep them from doing harm to the cowboys, not to mention himself. Mateo did a little bull riding as a teenager, but football was his passion.

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Week 8 is already upon us and the Broncos have yet to realease any information regarding coaching staff. The Broncos have struggled heavily as they sit at 2-5. They have struggled to close out games, and at times cant seem to move the ball on offense. Taking care of the football has also been a big issue for this team so far. They knew this team still has some holes to be filled and that they lack the firepower that some of the other teams in the XCFL have. Tyree Jackson is a work in progr...

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The Virginian born and raised, who forms one half of Virginia's powerful edge rush along with partner in crime right end Tyree Dixon, better kown as the Mason-Dixon Line. Mason has always been an over achiver. He stands at 6'1 and has been told his whole life he is too short to play edge rusher, well the stats don't lie, and everywhere he has played he has dominated. His Junior year last year at Virginia, Mason recorded 28 sacks and 7 forced fumbles!

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Weekly Player Boosts: when player dev becomes more important than the game

I kid you not, through 6 weeks I have had 3 shots at getting the almighty 20k experience points with 3 different players. I have now missed on 2 of those 3. After WR David Moore had a good week early on he was offered a 100+ yard or a 2+ touchdown game. The guy is a slot receiver on a run first team, and I believe I played Regan when I was attempting to get him involved. Needless to say the needle went th...

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SPotrac’s Salary Tracker (a/o W6)

Rumor has it that the salary cap will come into play more this cycle.

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The Redskins came out of the first quarter of the regular season 3-2. The uncertainty surrounding the team heading into the regular season was very high amongst the fan base, and media alike, but not an unusual feeling. This year’s team was different; the familiar faces fans once knew on both sides of the football are no longer here. Alex Smith, Case Keenum, Josh Norman, Trent Williams, Brandon Scherff and many more have moved on. First-year Redskin QB Dwayne Haskins&n...

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Kayser Soze Says . . .

I’m a Close up Camera Runnin’

Interception Slingin’

Low Middle of the Pack Rockin’

Defense Buildin’

Trade Talk Wieldin’

Defensive Tackle Floppin’

Opinion Havin’ Son of a Gun.


Yep. You heard it right. Want a good laugh? Run a RB Screen against me and watch the DT belly flop competition begin! The X button mash is rea...

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Boone:  Today we have a very special guest, the current Superbowl Champion Coach Higgie! Welcome to the Exit/ Transition Interview, and thank you for joining me! How are you doin today Coach Higgie?
Higgie:  I am doing fantastic Coach Boone, always a good time getting to chat with you, thanks for having me!
Boone:  Well since our last interview, you have ob...
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We come to you after days of having to process the 40-7 beatdown that the Steelers handed the Bengals in what was Plaxico Burress's return to "The Steel City."  It was a complete and utter mess as it seems to be an ongoing thing with this franchise.  After a 1-0 start to the season, it seemed as if HC Zach Smith knew what he was doing moving up to the NFL ranks and it seems as if he is just another Nick Saban or Chip Kelly.  This could quite possibly be the sho...

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SPotrac’s Salary Tracker (a/o W5)

Rumor has it that the salary cap will come into play more this cycle.

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