So season 2 is almost in the books and most teams should have a pretty good idea of how this Madden works.  However I think (or know) some guys that are aces are pretending to be jokers and vise versa...hear me out XCFL. Lets's cover the Aces dressed as Jokers. We have been here to long to know you are not a real joker, you are an ace dressed as a Joker...Yes I am calling out the L.A. Rams, New Orleans Saints & Arizona Cardinals !! We know what you are capable of !! Stop playi...

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XCFL Rookie Highlights Season 26 - No.5 - QB Victor Palmer - Rams

The QB Whisperer Boone strikes again.

Victor Palmer was drafted in the 6th round (Pick 10) in 2019 out of Navy.

Originally graded as an undr...

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The Patriots returned home week 14 to square off against the Raiders. Riding a 8 game winning streak, New England made quick work of oakland grabbing the lead early and never looking back. Tom Brady had a perfect passer rating and went a perfect 15/15 throwing leading the way to what ended up being a blow out. 38-13.

Week 15 We hosted the ravens in what was a barn burner. The Patriots offense was on fire the majority of the game. 2 Tom brady INTs kept the game close until the en...

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This seems like a very simple question and answer for all of us in the league, but for those who are either on the waiting list or maybe just came across our leage site may not know what were all about. So in this article we are going to shed some light on what the XCFL is all about. 

The XCFL is a Madden CFM Sim League unlike any other. We have a consant group of 32 users with minimal turnover. Although that makes it tough for the waitlisters, waiting for...

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    As quick as it began, the 2020 season is in the books for Miami. Another year down the drain as far as ownership is concerned, the season could have gone much better but regardless it's time to move forward, focus on what needs to be improved and head into the offseason looking for positives. The first full season under new ownership saw Miami finish 6-10, an improvement on the previous yea...

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With one game to play, Orlando Goodson is setting on top of the voting for Defensive Rookie of the Year. He has been outstanding to say the least. Drafted 25th overall, Orlando, this senior out of Notre Dame was known as an agreesive cornerback. He is very physical and in the mold of a Tre'Davious White.

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SPotrac’s Salary Tracker (a/o W14)

We’re tracking another team that is pushed up against the 2020 cap, the Carolina P...

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The Pats rolled into week 10 on a 4 game winning streak and was sitting at a solid but still disappointing 5-3 on the year, tied for 1st place in the AFC East lead with the Jets. This week was round 2 vs the division rival Dolphins. The game was a much closer game than the week one slaughter then Pats laid on the dolphins, but regardless the Pats walked away with the W, 38-35. Moving the Winning streak to 5 games.

Week 11 we traveled to LA to take on the Chargers in what was exp...

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SPotrac’s Salary Tracker (a/o W11)

It’s been awhile since SPotrac has posted. An fortunate gardening incident took me out o...

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“Phillips drops back, he’s under pressure....Shakes off a lineman.... he’s in trouble, directing traffic.... he sets his feet and He’s gunna letbit go, as he gets killed by a lineman.

AND ZEUS DELIVERS A STRIKE 30 yards down field and he finds Palmer, with a brilliant grab in the middle of the def...
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