This marks the third season that Coach Jace will be at the helm of the Seahawks, and it finally feels like this is his team. Gone are the likes of Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett, Bobby Wagner and others from the previous era. The lone holdover is Chris Carson, who the Seahawks couldn't afford to cut yet given his massive contract. The new Hawks are young, exciting and hungry. Did I mention they're young? This is a team for the future, balling out today. Let's take a look at th...
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The Browns have been successful on the field this cycle, but when it comes to the coveted draft day they have been underwhelming.  The Browns have tried to keep their stud players for as long as they can and they are slowly starting to disappear.  This would not be too much of a problem except the talent waiting in the wings is not ready yet.  The Browns have struck out except for maybe a pick or 2 on defense.  The only bright spot looking back at the drafts has been th...

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Last year I ranked XCFL GM’s on their ability to team build.  It was an easy equation.  How high (or low) your team overall was compared to the beginning of the cycle.  This will be similar but instead of going on purely off of team ratings, I am also going to factor in player development. Here are the guys whose teams haven’t improved at all or who have gotten worse.  Enjoy!


32. Texans 83 Overall 76 Overall (-7) 3 X-Fact...

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Weeik 1 Recap.
Fianl Score
Pittsburgh Steelers: 48
LosAngeles Chargers: 28

We lost at Heinz Field in Week 1... maybe lost is an understatement, in a game where we Forced 3 Fumbles (recovered one) and a Interception.  We got Embarressed on the road. With a 3rd down percentage of ZERO ... yeah... ill say that again .. we converted ZERO thirds downs. We were held to 8 Rushing yards...... ON 8 CARRIES.... We werent able to move the ball regularly V...

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The Pick Pivot From Hell

Going into the draft, Ken Bone and his scouting department were sitting at 20 and 21.  With a complimentary pass rusher and safety the primary needs, the Packers knew that they would need to move up just obtain at least one of those needs.  Talk about a plan completely disrupted by the uncertainty in the top 10. 

In the days leading up to the draft, Bone worked the phones for teams right outside t...

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Whats up fella's and ladies,
We're heading into Season 6. We made somes again ... SHOCKER... Sending Kobi Away was not easy. Grabbing Jay Winters as a Dline buidling block to finish the cycle with may have been worth it.
We brought in the Wheelin and Dealin Hudson Wheeler. Who hopefully will decide to Re-sign wit hus. that cost ust the heart of our defense and a future 1st.

-Bringing a Mobile QB with a Strong arm was important as Coach bracketts int...

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Indy finished last season a disappointing 7-9. Despite having a statistically good defense the inability to stop the run caused the demise of a hopeful team. Going into 2024 has the team made ample changes to correct that?


No. the team traded Khalil mack and released Ryan Shazier. Both players were pro bowlers the year prior so that didn't exactly make sense. The team did however spend a 1st round pick on a WR and sign Zack Ertz. So the WR will be a 1/2 of ...

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To Eagles season ticket holders:

The management team of your Philadelphia Eagles felt it was time to bring to you our vision going forward and breakdown our roster for the 2024 season.  Due to salary cap mistakes of the past regime we have been unable to make drastic moves/upgrades in the roster, until this last offseason.  Head Coach/GM Kyle James was finally able to clear out a couple of big contracts and start shaping the roster for the future.  We said goodbye...

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The NFC SOUTH recap through 5 seasons! 

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Well let's address the elephant in the room, Buffalo's Coach Morlock is 0-12 life against Joshe and 0-11 lifetime against VBD. It ends this season! 
With the additions in the off-season of LT Taylor Lewan, CB Kevin King, and SS Marquise Blair and a strong draft adding OL Stinson, RE Baxter, and Superstar S Burley. It's our time.

Buffalo has developed Goodson, Bates, Cofield, Bean, and Oliver with a lot of trial by fire. Can we get off to a good start and...

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