Hey guys back with our second end of cycle article.
Highlighting on of our truly great defensive players of the year,

this one was much more tough on me then the Offensive side of the ball,
I think my favorite pick in the draft is Tyler Mcknight.. how often do you draft a corner as fast and as talll as he is ... i mean cmon ... Right?
 but he never fully had the complete on field domination that game wrecking play making ability.

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2021 Madden Cycle Detroit Lions Ring of Honor Inductee: RB Cedric Clements

Cedric Clements was drafted by the Detroit Lions 10th overall and played all 4 seasons with the club.  Clements will go down as one of the all time greats.  Winning season 48 Most Outstanding Player (2,146 yards and 26 touchdowns).  In four years he put up gaudy numbers; 7,401 yards and 80 touchdowns.  He will be remembered as one of the legends and was just entering his prime at 24 ye...

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Madden 21 Detroit Lions Ring of Honor Inductee: WR Keenan Gregory

Keenan Gregory was drafted by the Detroit Lions 13th overall.  He played 10 seasons, all with the Lions.  He was the focal point of the Lions passing game throughout his entire career; hauling in 739 receptions, 12,056 career receiving yards, and 88 Touchdowns.

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Madden 21 Detroit Lions Ring of Honor Recipient: MLB Ross Bonds

Ross Bonds was drafted 7th overall by the Detroit Lions.  He played 9 seasons, all with the Lions organization.  During his career he accumulated 925 career tackles (averaging 102 per season), 11 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, 28 interceptions and 7 touchdowns.

He was a nominee for Most Outstanding Player, Season 46

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Unfortunately, as everyone knows the Ring of Honor is reserved for the best of the best Madden generated players.  However, I would be doing the 2021 Madden cycle a disservice if I did not take the time to recognize on of the best defensive lineman of the cycle.  He played 8 seasons for the Detroit Lions and was a force in every single one of those seasons.  

8 Seasons with the Detroit Lions: 113.5 Sacks.  

Mr. Hunter, thank you for your ...

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Good Evening XCFL.

I wanted to do a little break down of our favorite 2 players of the cycle one for either side of the ball. so...
Coming in hot, an article to commemorate one of the greatest freak athletes of not only the cycle, but one of the greatest physical specimans to ever walk the XCFL earth.

@ 6'5 232 lbs this monster of a human being towers over opponent corners and most safties.
King So...

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Week 14 vs The Atlanta Falcons

Defense was the reason we won the game, probably mixed with the fact that Lamar Jackson was hurt. Giants offense struggled quite a bit in the game as the much improved Falcons defense keep the Giants in check the majority of the first half. Luckily the Giants defense also came to play, forcing 3 important INTs in the game. Giants offense did enough in the 2nd half to hang on to the win. Giants win 28-16.


Week 15 vs The ...

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Week 9 was our much needed bye week.


Week 10 vs The Houston Texans

This game was actually a little sweaty in the first half. Luckily for us HB Saquon Barkley had a massive game with 182 yards on the ground. The game probably would have been a complete sweat-fest but the Texans QB decided to go full blown Ryan Leaf and hand us 5 INTs in the game. G-Men went on to win the game 34-10.


Week 11 vs The Dallas Cowboys


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The clock is winding down and the push for points comes to a merciful end for some; futile attempts to climb up a possible spot or two with cheap mocks or some janky two-bit podcast grasping for a crumbling ledge.  Speaking of cheap mocks, this attempt is no better than those efforts previously mentioned.  

Ideal divisions are discussed here and there when chat gets bored or people grow tired hearing about the latest Soloman Thomas or Cordell McCray jerkoff fest.&...

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Week 5 vs The Seattle Seahawks

One of the few actual games we have played against a actual person this final season. This was a fun one. mostly because it was a blowout win against Regan, but still fun nonetheless. Lag kind of sucked, but our defense was playing top notch the entire game. Offense also couldn't be stopped. Makes us wonder why we don't play like this all the time. G-Men win 34-10.


Week 6 vs The New Orleans Saints


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