Week 14 vs The WFT

Going into this game we knew exactly what this team was going to do. Run with his shitty RB, throw short, run backwards 10+ yards on all passes.. and throw corner routes to his TE whenever we were in man. Even with knowing all this, we still lost. Playing against a 99 overall team is really fun.


Week 15 vs The Dallas Cowboys

Not really sure what happened in this game. Normally we have zero issues with the Cowboys, but ap...

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Nine season in and obviously the XCFL is rewriting NFL History.  Below are some Career stats that XCFL players have already shattered or are still chasing down.  

Joe Burrow is only 182 passing TDs away from passing Tom Brady for most all time (599).  Burrow has thrown 50+ TD passes 5 times in nine seasons, I think as long as he sticks with Wings and we bust 3-4 more seasons out there is no reason he wouln't have this record int he bag.  

Nick ...

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It all started out 32 seasons ago when a young college kid named Regan Long joined the XCFL Discord server. At this time nobody would have thought that a cousin loving Alabama graduate would become one of the most loved and hated members in the history of the XCFL. 

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Week 10 vs The Arizona Cardinals

This game resulted in a FW for The G-Men as the cardinals coaching staff was out of town. The stats of the game were nothing really too exciting, however, the Giants defense was able to force 4 sacks in the game and also snagged 1 INT. HB CEH actually had one of his better games in a Giants uniform as he ran the ball 17 times for 89 yards. Giants win 29-10.


Week 11 vs The Chicago Bears

This game ended up be...

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We have a record of 3-7. Our offense has been mediocre only averaging 20 points per game which is 24th in the league. The defense hasn’t been much better allowing 29 points per game which is 20th in the league. Although our offense and defense has been bad, we have lost a lot of close games. We are 3-4 in games decided by one score or less.

On the offensive side of the ball, Dalton Sapp has played poorly throwing for 1,932 yards 13 TDs and 15 ints. If...

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Week 5 vs The Green Bay Packers

QB Daniel Jones was effective throughout the game as he completed 19/23 passes for 304 yards and 2 TDs (1 INT). The ground game was decent with Saquon leading the way with 81 yards on 16 carries. Defense carried the load with 2 sacks from J Law and 3 INTs (Whitfield, Warner, McIntosh) Giants went on to win 33-24.


Week 6 vs The Cleveland Browns

This game ended up being a FW for the Giants. Nothing too eye pop...

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Week 1 vs The Dallas Cowboys

This was a typical game for the New York Giants. Offense was efficient not turning the ball over and yet did not produce any eye popping stats. Offense was led by HB Saquon Barkley and WR Mecole Hardman, as it has been for the last season +. Defense performed their normal bend but not break approach, giving up 17 points in the game, but did force 3 sacks and 1 INT in the game. Giants start the season off on the right foot after their 30-17 win.<...

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We start this season off with a less is more approach to Ty Walden.  The third year QBs career has gotten off to a rocky start.  His rookie year he had 41 INTs and 36 sacks, then his second year in the league we brough in Patrick Mahomes, but it was obvious that Ty was out playing Mahomes so we were quick to pull the trigger of announcing that Ty would be the team’s starter once again, however, it was short lived.  After starting four short weeks he was hurt early...

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Week 14 vs The Miami Dolphins

This game resulted in a FW for The Gmen. The ball was evenly distributed on offense as no one really had any eye popping stats. The defense was also a joint effort behind 4 sacks and 1 INT. Giants went on to win 28-13.


Week 15 vs The Buffalo Bills

Giants seemed to escape a trap game against the Bills. Buffalo played an extremely good game on both sides of the ball and keep the potent Giants offense and defense...

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Week 10 vs The New England Patriots

Giants pushed their record to a solid 10-0 after the win against The Pats 35-32. Giants actually started off this game pretty well, but both defenses actually struggled to keep the opposing offenses off the field. QB Danny Jones had an average game for the Giants, completing 11/16 passes for 232 yards 2 TDs, and 1 INT. HB Saquon Barkley carried the load as normal with his 13/145/3 statline. Defense was quiet with exception to Kenneth Murray Jr...

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