The Telegraph - Week 4

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We come to you after days of having to process the 40-7 beatdown that the Steelers handed the Bengals in what was Plaxico Burress's return to "The Steel City."  It was a complete and utter mess as it seems to be an ongoing thing with this franchise.  After a 1-0 start to the season, it seemed as if HC Zach Smith knew what he was doing moving up to the NFL ranks and it seems as if he is just another Nick Saban or Chip Kelly.  This could quite possibly be the shortest column ever written in terms of highlights from a teams game.  


Tyler Boyd scores on a 75 yard catch to lead the Bengals with their only points of the game.


Yes that is all.  


This was a complete failure and we feel that all the events leading up to the game below, had many impacts in our team preperation for the game.  


PacMan Jones-arrested for threatening Skip Bayless at Orange Theory

Interim DC Sharper-lost playbook, used Madden to help design plays

OchoCinco-no show for WR training after not receiving McDonald's coupon book

Bus breaks down on the way to Heins Field and team shows up 30 mins before kickoff.


After this embarrasing loss, could roster moves be made prior to the trade deadline?  It looks as if GM O'Shea is really pushing to make some changes to add youth and rebuild the franchise in hopes to compete in the 2027 season.  Follow our Twitter @XCFLBengals for up to date information on possible moves coming soon.  As the team prepares for the Arizona Cardinals in week 5, HC Smith is pushing for more energy from his group by offering up a Hit Stick Grill (Inspired by Paul Wall) and a "Get out of Jail Free" card for the remainder of the 2019 season for top performers.