The history of the Bills first round draft picks; Season 1-5

by Wholepolecat885 | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

Here is the history of the Bills and there roaming first round draft pick. This season, marks the first time this cycle that the actual pick will be used by Buffalo. With that being said, history shows it will probably be traded.


Year 1. Traded back 8 spots with the Ravens and picked up a second round pick. Buffalo drafted Orlando Goodson with the first round pick and drafted FB Kasey Black. Both players are still on current roster. Because Orlando was runner up for DROTY and a one time probowler and four year starter, Buffalo views this trade as a win.

Year 2. Traded away the first rounder in a package to San Fransisco for TE George Kittle. Although, Kittle made the probowl twice, based off of the leagues reaction, Buffalo views this trade a fail. We got back in this draft and took DT Ahmad Bates at 17th overall.

Year 3. The shot heard round the world, Bufallo again jumps in the sack with the 49ers, this time adding the Broncos to a threeway trade that sends there number one pick to San Fransisco, Buffalo nets back a five picks in current and future draft including two first rounders in current draft 17 and 18. The Broncos walk away from this trade with Nick Bosa and the 49ers get a Bills first rounder that ended up being 11th overall. On paper this appears to be a win for the Bills, right? The Bills management, hungover from the night before the draft, panic on draft day and trade up from 17 to 7 to land one of the two stud safties. By trading away, wait for it, next years first rounder. Buffalo who played all there cards early, watched the 49ers trade up in top three and take SS Deon Cofield and the Giants take FS Flex McLaughlin at 6. Stunned, Buffalo took there second round target WR JJ Johnson st six. HUge 68 overall normal miss. At 18 Buffalo settled down and took Deon's brother Daymond a running back out of Bowling Green who skipped the combine. He started as a 68 overall normal and after two years is a 89 overall Superstar X-Factor RB who is 55% of Buffalo's offense. Winner of this trade was the Broncos, but Cofield's development makes this trade a win for Buffalo as well.

Year 4. See above, Riot took advantage of a hung over Bills owner to get this pick.

Year 5. Could this be the year we draft with our pick? We currently hold the number 2 overall pick in the draft, and if that isn't good, we traded Tre White to Oakland for there first, which just happens to be the 13th overall pick.

Year 6. It's not even year five yet and Buffalo traded this first rounder, mid season for Superstar X-Factor FS Eddie Jackson.

Mid first round picks have netted the Bills some quality starters, CB Goodson, DT Bates, RB Cofield. What can they do with a top three pick? stay tuned or send offers to One Bills Drive, we are not affraid to move around! #thedraftmatters