The Time is Now

by Wholepolecat885 | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

Well let's address the elephant in the room, Buffalo's Coach Morlock is 0-12 life against Joshe and 0-11 lifetime against VBD. It ends this season! 
With the additions in the off-season of LT Taylor Lewan, CB Kevin King, and SS Marquise Blair and a strong draft adding OL Stinson, RE Baxter, and Superstar S Burley. It's our time.

Buffalo has developed Goodson, Bates, Cofield, Bean, and Oliver with a lot of trial by fire. Can we get off to a good start and take the monkey of Coach Morlocks back? Tune in tomorrow afternoon when the Buffalo Bills take on the NY Jets. 

Coach Morlock has never made the playoffs in the XCFL, his most wins in a season, was season one when he finished 8-8. They printed T-Shirts for all the players this year that have the following slogan "One Team, One Dream"

the time is now #Panchopower