Running backs - The Buffalo Stampede

by Wholepolecat885 | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

Every team, every city has an identity. In Buffalo, we are known for Niagra Falls, Hot wings, and running backs. We have been blessed and spoiled by the likes of Thurman, O.J., Freddy, Willis, LeSean, Cookie, etc...and then  Daymond came to us. Daymond or "Money" as he is known, came to us at the 18th pick in round one of the 2022 draft. He exploded on the scene, winning rookie of the year honors in route to a 1331 yard 21 TD season. Now, after six full seasons Daymond ranks as three on the list of all time Buffalo Bills running backs for yardage (7887 yards), behind only Thurman Thomas (11,938 yards) and O.J. Simpson (10,183 yards). Daymond currently is first in touchdown rushes all time by a Bill with 72 year to date. If he can continue his streak of health, He should surpass them both on yardage and become the all time greatest Buffalo Bill running back. 

With Buffalo entering a bye week sitting at 2-2, thanks to Daymond who is running at about 7.4 yards a carry, we wonder if we can finally break over that hump and notch a playoff birth? These are fun times for sure, lets pound that rock and hope for the best.