Mile High Blitz - Episode 1 - Coaching Setbacks

by iHiggie | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

Week 8 is already upon us and the Broncos have yet to realease any information regarding coaching staff. The Broncos have struggled heavily as they sit at 2-5. They have struggled to close out games, and at times cant seem to move the ball on offense. Taking care of the football has also been a big issue for this team so far. They knew this team still has some holes to be filled and that they lack the firepower that some of the other teams in the XCFL have. Tyree Jackson is a work in progress, although he has struggled at times, he shows us on multiple occasions just how good he can be. 

After doing some research into the Broncos coaching situation, we discovered that they have decided on a head coach. The head coach of the XCFL Denver Bronos is reportedly Marty Maddog. This guy is a new name that has recently popped up in the XCFL, with no prior XCFL coaching experience Maddog will be trying to prove his worth and show the league what he is capable of. 

We looked into Maddogs background and the situation with why the XCFL Denver Broncos havent officialy announced him as head coach even though the deal has already been signed and completed. According to our sources Maddog was diagnosed with kidney failure back in 2015. He sat on the waiting list for two long years untill his number was called. He receieved his kidney transplant in 2017. Its been two years since the transplant and everything has gone great. A couple weeks ago Coach Maddog had a minor setback that required surgery. This is what has delayed the public announcement. Reports are that the surgery went well and he is recovering. He hasnt been able to be with his team on the field yet this season. He is looking forward to getting back on his feet and helping this team win. When Coach Maddog is fully recovered the Broncos will hold an official press conference to announce the new coach. 

Maddog has been a longtime friend of GM Higgie, it is not suprising to see these two team up and try to bring some championships to Denver. These two have big plans for the organization and we are looking forward to what they have to offer. Until then, we all are praying for a quick recovery for Maddog and we look forward to seeing him around the XCFL Broncos facilities.