Who Are The Dolphins

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MIAMI, FL -- Off to a great start in 2018 after 9 weeks sitting at (6-3) and atop the AFC EAST. The question remains though, "Who Are The Dolphins?". We left this question to be answered by Owner/GM Stanley Jean-Baptiste. We sat down with him Monday night after their victory over the NY Jets and his mood was high but still we got a political yes to the interview. Question: What do you think about this (6-3) start for your team. Answer: I don't want to get to attached to the start we've had. Although it's a good one to see that your team is a top the division but we've seen teams get off to starts like these and falter down the stretch. We're sitting at (6-3) because we've done some good things and teams that we've faced have done some bad things. We may have had something to do with that, I believe that's the case but we haven't played lights out football. We could easily be (3-6) because we were in some close games but we were able to come away with the win. So, I'll take the start we've had but want a better finish at this point. Question: Are you happy with the way your head coach Adam Gase has handled the talent on this team. Answer: Adam is a good coach and I respect what he's trying to build here. We've given him all the decision making to get this team where he wants them. We talk before every week on what needs improvement. Things like the draft, prospects, scouting, trades and depth chart moves. He's built a culture here that guys are buying into and he's also got me all in. I like how he conducts himself and he really communicates well with the players. He even allows players to play music during practice to simulate crowd noise, that is why you haven't seen any false start penalties this season (knock on wood). I'd like to see our talented speed burner wide receive Jakeem Grant get more involved with the offense but I know Adam has something for him, we just have to wait and see. I'm very happy with what he's done at this point and that started in the off-season as well. Question: So who do you think the Dolphins are. Answer: I'd like to think that are identity is being shaped each and every week. It's like our defense, we get exotic and change our identity to keep the other team guessing. If I want to put a name to what we are, I'd say Unbreakable. Why I chose that name for us, you can physically beat us up, push us around, get our backs to the wall but we're not going to give up. You're not going to break our spirits. So, unbreakable spirited 53-men are here to ride out a tough season and if we lose a game don't expect us to feel sorry for ourselves. Most of all, we don't want our fans to feel sorry for us. The fans are as much a part of us. We need them to fuel our spirits at times and when we travel to away games they are their. Question: How are you liking your first round pick investment, Minkah Fitzpatrick. Answer: I can't say enough about it. He's in the facility just as early as the quarterbacks and he's out of the facility just as late as the quarterbacks. He's a real nice kid who has a tremendous amount of talent. I want good things for him and I know defensive coordinator Matt Burke loves having another coordinator at his disposal on the field. The kid at times reminds me of Zach Thomas but Thomas was a linebacker. He was all over the place making tackles and that's what Fitzpatrick is doing but from the safety position. Kid is good but he will be a star. That was our interview with Stanley Jean-Baptiste and we thank you all for your time in sharing this moment. Until next time Phin fans, Lets Go DOLPHINS!