New York Giants Review (2028) Weeks 10-13

by V1OL3NTBYD3S1GN | 3 months ago | 0 Comments

Week 10 vs The Arizona Cardinals

This game resulted in a FW for The G-Men as the cardinals coaching staff was out of town. The stats of the game were nothing really too exciting, however, the Giants defense was able to force 4 sacks in the game and also snagged 1 INT. HB CEH actually had one of his better games in a Giants uniform as he ran the ball 17 times for 89 yards. Giants win 29-10.


Week 11 vs The Chicago Bears

This game ended up being closer than some expected, even though the Bears scored a td with essentially no time remaining to make the score look a little closer than it actually was. Both offenses actually performed pretty well as both sides turn the ball over only one. Giants defense stepped up big against the run however only allowing the bears with 43 total rushing yards on the day.Giants offense did it's normal thing as Mecole Hardman and Saquon Barkley both led the way on offense for the Gmen. Giants win 34-27.


Week 12 vs The Philadelphia Eagles

A complete opposite type of game compared to last week, both offensese played poorly and both defenses played extremely well. The Giants were able to force 6 turnovers in the gaame. 5 INTs (Mentor x3, McIntosh x1, Whitfield x1) and 1 FF by McIntosh. Both the running game and passing game struggled, especially the running game with Saquon being held under 50 yards. Passing wise we threw for over 250 but had 0 TDs and 2 INTs. Giants went on to win 26-14.


Week 13 vs The New Orleans Saints

This team is straight out annoying to play against.. Their miserable short passing game and bullshit running game really drive people to drink. Defense consists of strictly cover 3 and press coverage.. starting to comtemplate if said defenses should even be allowed. (we all already know the response to this.) Regardless, the fault is on the Gmen because they knew what they were going to be up against and just didn't play well. Add in a wrong button INT on offense and it all spells out a 3 point loss for the G-men.