New York Giants Review (2028) Weeks 14-17 + Playoffs

by V1OL3NTBYD3S1GN | 3 months ago | 0 Comments

Week 14 vs The WFT

Going into this game we knew exactly what this team was going to do. Run with his shitty RB, throw short, run backwards 10+ yards on all passes.. and throw corner routes to his TE whenever we were in man. Even with knowing all this, we still lost. Playing against a 99 overall team is really fun.


Week 15 vs The Dallas Cowboys

Not really sure what happened in this game. Normally we have zero issues with the Cowboys, but apparently the owner has moved to the meta which is running the ball and barely throwing over 10 yards during any pass attempt. Can't blame him though, the majority of the league is doing it.. Just happend to take half the league 8 seasons to figure it out. He played well, wasn't expecting a L here.


Week 16 vs The Cincinnati Bengals

We figured this game was going to be a automatic L when we saw it on the schedule. Last time we played the Bengals was in the SB and it wasn't a pretty sight. Not sure if Wings forgot to take his meds or just felt bad and let us win, either way we happened to win the game 35-30. Shoutout to TE Jay Winslow who made an amazing catch to seal the game for the Giants. Also shocking because he drops more passes than he actually catches.


Week 17 vs The Pittsburgh Steelers

This game we played against the CPU. The CPU actually was trash for 3 quarters of the game. Offensively we struggled with the odd play calling by the CPU. Once up 23-0, the Steelers CPU decided to actually try and made the final score a lot closer than the game actually was. We win 23-15.


WC round vs The Fucking WFT

Look back to our week 14 review. It was more of the same. Offense had problems moving the ball against their 3-4 any down defense loaded with 99 players. Defense knew what was coming the majoirty of the time, but had a hard time getting any pressure on the QB since he's being guarded by what seems like 5 99 overall Olineman.. I actually looked at one point to see if he had subbed Olineman in at TE.. I didn't notice any but something tells me there was an extra one in there somewhere. Combine that with 10 yard drop backs and shitty CB play, and it made for a real fun game. Here's to hoping VT bans coaches from ever touching an xbox again.