New York Giants Review (2030) Weeks 5-8

by V1OL3NTBYD3S1GN | 4 months ago | 0 Comments

Week 5 vs The Seattle Seahawks

One of the few actual games we have played against a actual person this final season. This was a fun one. mostly because it was a blowout win against Regan, but still fun nonetheless. Lag kind of sucked, but our defense was playing top notch the entire game. Offense also couldn't be stopped. Makes us wonder why we don't play like this all the time. G-Men win 34-10.


Week 6 vs The New Orleans Saints

Welp, Saints ownership was a no show yet again and resulted in him getting DAS BOOT from the league. In typical FW form, the stats of the game were odd and we barely ended up winning the game. I sometimes miss the FW's of previous maddens where the final score was 45-7 in favor the of FW team. Regardless it was another W on the books for The Giants and still have only used 1 FW on the season. 


Week 7 vs The Dallas Cowboys

This game was originally scheduled to go off without a hitch, but the game resulted in a FW for the Giants due to the fact the Cowboys couldn't make the game. Not sure if this results in the Giants last useable FW or if this is a freebie. The Giants actually performed well in the sim on both sides of the ball. Daniel Jones had one of his better games of the season, Saquon rushed for 2 TDs, and the defense only allowed 10 points in the game. Giants currently sit at 6-1 after their week 7 win.


Week 8 vs The WFT

This game resulted in a straight sim. Neither ower was really available to play so they decided to let the madden gods have their hand in the game. Box score indicated that the offenses for both teams had their way with the opposing defenses, as the Giants put up 35 points and the WFT put up 38 points. The game resulted in a close loss for the G-Men, which is only their 2nd of the season. Giants will rest in week 9 and then take on the Texans in week 10.