New York Giants Review (2030) Weeks 9-13

by V1OL3NTBYD3S1GN | 4 months ago | 0 Comments

Week 9 was our much needed bye week.


Week 10 vs The Houston Texans

This game was actually a little sweaty in the first half. Luckily for us HB Saquon Barkley had a massive game with 182 yards on the ground. The game probably would have been a complete sweat-fest but the Texans QB decided to go full blown Ryan Leaf and hand us 5 INTs in the game. G-Men went on to win the game 34-10.


Week 11 vs The Dallas Cowboys

This game started off with us actually playing the game. Late into the 1st Quarter while we were up 10 points, the madden servers decided to tell us to fuck off. Cowboys graciously decided to throw a FW in the Giants direction, which was nice of them. The sim stats were nothing eye popping as everyone did their normal amount of work. Giants win 28-14.


Week 12 vs The Green Bay Packers

ah, The Packers. We love playing this team just because it is almost always a fun game. Madden normally decides to throw in its own bullshit but in general they are fun. We came into this game expecting to have to stop the deep PA pass. We didn't do a good enough job of stopping that, but we stopped the majoirty of everything else. Their running game was actually pretty good and that caught us off guard a little bit. Saquon and Danny Dimes both had solid games and the defense was causing havoc in the backfield all game long. Giants win a barn burner 48-28.


Week 13 vs The Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles front office decided that playing this game was not in the best interest of his mental health. Therefore handing the Giants a FW. The Giants gladly accepted and moved to 10-2 after a odd 27-21 FW. Stats of the game yet again were mundane and nothing really eye popping.