New York Giants Review (2030) Weeks 14-17 + Playoffs

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Week 14 vs The Atlanta Falcons

Defense was the reason we won the game, probably mixed with the fact that Lamar Jackson was hurt. Giants offense struggled quite a bit in the game as the much improved Falcons defense keep the Giants in check the majority of the first half. Luckily the Giants defense also came to play, forcing 3 important INTs in the game. Giants offense did enough in the 2nd half to hang on to the win. Giants win 28-16.


Week 15 vs The Tampa Bay Bucs

Much like our game the previous week against the Falcons, this game was a struggle for the Giants offense. But yet again the Giants defense picked it up big time. They were able to force 4 INTs, 3 sacks, and 1 FF in the game. QB Daniel Jones topped 300 yards which was a pleasant surprise considering he really hasn't been hitting that number the last couple of season. Giants win again 29-14.


Week 16 vs The Carolina Panthers

This game resulted in a striaght sim due to the Giants being busy and the panthers borderline dying from a covid shot. The SIM showed a standard game recap as the offense was even across the board and the defensive stats were essentially non existent. Luckily, we walked away with the win, most likely due to the Giants high team overall. Final score 31-28.


Week 17 vs The Philadelphia Eagles

After the first drive of the game, the Giants knew that the Eagles heart was just not in the game. The Giants went up early and coasted the rest of the game. The majority of the 2nd half the chew clock feature was on. Defense was able to snag 3 INTs but no other stats in the game was really eye popping. Giants win the game and finish 14-2 on the year.




WC Round vs The Atlanta Falcons

This game was a little different than the previous game mostly due to the fact that Lamar Jackson was healthy. But after a couple of drives by the Falcons, the Giants knew exactly what to do to stop them. The Falcons defense was still pretty impressive, but just didn't have enough to slow down the Giants on this day. We win 20-7.

Divisonal Round vs The Seattle Seahawks

This game was rittled with offensive mistakes by both teams. A whopping 7 INTs were thrown in the game. It really just came down to an extra play or 2 that the Giants made that ended up giving them the win. Giants win a close one 26-20.

Conference Championship game vs The Arizona Cardinals

This game looked like the Cardinals were going to win in blowout form. After only managing 3 FGs in the game through 3 Quarters, the Giants defense finally punched one in the endzone with a Danny Dimes scramble from 7 yards out, giving the Giants their first lead since it was 3-0. The Giants defense capped it off with a 103 yard pick 6 from Leo Mentor which put the Giants up for good. We win 23-19.

Super Bowl vs The Cincinnati Bengals

As expected, the Giants got blown out in the game. We hung around for the first quarter but ultimately just didn't have it in this game. The loss sucked but we were glad to get back to the SB one last time before the cycle ended. The Giants finish with the 3rd most regular season wins in the league, top 5 in playoff wins, and a 1-3 record in the super bowl. Overall it was a pretty decent cycle.