Saints Roll in Opener, Set High Expectations

by iWreckRookies | 9 months ago | 0 Comments



The Saints came into Week 1 and did exactly what they've told us they would do for the last two months: Dominate. 

Admittedly, the first 60 seconds of the Saints Week 1 contest against the visiting Houston Texans looked anything but dominant. After deferring and taking the ball to start the second half, the Saints kicked off and were quickly met with a haymaker. On their first defensive snap of the season, the Saints would give up a 72-yard touchdown on a pass from DeShaun Watson to Will Fuller. 

The air was immediately sucked out of the Superdome. 

Alas, it was time for the Saints offense to take the field. Call it motivation, call it fear, call it whatever you want, but that first touchdown surely lit the fuse to the offensive explosion that the Saints were about to unload. New Orleans would go on to drop 31 points on the visiting Texans on the back of quarterback Drew Brees, who would throw for 305 yards and three touchdowns on 18 completions. Alvin Kamara would also get in on the action, punching in a score of his own along with 77 yards on the day. 

Not lost in the offensive spotlight was the defensive effort put on by the recently coined "Black Swarm". The Black Swarm, also know as the Saints defense, would lock down after the first punch to the face and hold Houston to just a field goal for the remainder of the game, forcing two interceptions of Watson. 

When asked about his defense's performace, coach Kheelan Seidenberg spoke glowingly. 

"We played our tails off," Seidenberg said. "We got punched right in the gut on that first play, and I'm insanely happy with how we responded. Instead of sulking and let it get the best of us, we used it as motivation."

Seidenberg was right. After the first score, the efforts of safety Von Bell and defesnive end Cameron Jordan were definitely noticed. Bell would end the day leading in tackles with six, and Jordan would have two tackles of his own, both big sacks to help put a cap on separate Texan drives.

With the big opening win, it begs the question of how far this Saints team can go. Two hard road tests over the next two weeks will tell us what we have on our hands in the Big Easy, but rest assured that after Week 1, expectations are high.