Terrible Times in The Big Easy

by sountouchble | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

New Orleans, LA — Keeping things real in a locker room can be very difficult when you’re losing and that’s exactly what’s continuing to happen with our Saints.

In a recent week 5 matchup vs divisional rival Buccaneers, the Saints hit rock bottom after losing by 48 points (23-71). The culture inside the clubhouse is falling apart and the hole is getting deeper!

The team in the past 4 years has not had a winning season. Coach Sean Payton was brought in during the off-season as a person that could change the culture but has he failed on his promise? There’s blame to go all around and it doesn’t all fall on Payton.

Offensively the team has favored the passing game rather than the running. Payton preached a balanced offense but when your trailing there so much running you can’t do. Passing has gone from 60% from last season to now 68%-70% while the running sits at 30%-32%. This is not a balanced scheme and the only time the team is balanced is on their first scripted drive to start any game.

Defensively the team has been showing signs of success but lately they have not been able to stop the pass. As for the run, the team did have the 9th ranking in rushing yards allowed prior to weeks 3-4, now they see themselves with a ranking of 27th. The team signed free agent (CB) Vontae Davis during the off-season to give some help to 2nd year (CB) Joseph Rowe. The project has not been a success and it’s time for the Saints to panic and plan for draft or the trade deadline.

Can the organizations justify contract extensions last week and this week? Players are being rewarded for their lack luster performances, rather than letting players walk come end of season. Teams are not fearing their defense either, linebackers Anzalone, Reuland, Mason, defensive end Wilson, defensive back Rowe, Davis, Williams. It’s also the same on offense, wideouts Thomas, Lockett, Snead IV, halfback Kamara, and quarterback Siemian.

It’s also not easy coming up in the next few weeks with the schedule as team will face Giants, Cowboys, and Falcons. With Siemian serving time on injury list for the last 4 weeks there’s nothing normal for this team. Trade deadline coming up in 3 weeks, maybe we see this team start shopping players just to have a change rather than a chance to respectfully compete.

Early indications are that (WR) Michael Thomas will be dealt by deadline or on the deadline date. Others that could follow will remain to be seen. This organization is no stranger to the trading of young talent as two season ago they dealt away (QB) D. Watson, (CB) M. Lattimore, (T) Ramczyk, and (DE/DT) C. Jordan.

Terrible will probably hang around for a while before things get better but the team has to do something instead of doing nothing. The more things change, the more they stay the same.