Bolts From The Blue

by F3RR3IRASR | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

Hello XCFL Charger Fans,


Welcome to the XCFL Chargers Blog " Bolts from the Blue" Will will be giving you the insider news on the XCFL Chargers from time to time. This time we have a BIG breaking story for you. As you know team owner Al Ferreira Sr. is a Watson fan. Coach Greco not so much. So why are we hearing rumors that coach Greco is moving to the GM spot? What about Fouts?? Well rumors are that team owner isn't happy with him since they have brought him aboard. "We brought him here to manage. Not for a reunion tour." Some bold words from Ferreira Sr. 

So now what? What do the Chargers do now? Well I'll tell ya what we heard. Coach Greco will be named the new XCFL Chargers GM by weeks end. Monday at the latest. So now we have a hole to fill at the head coaching spot? Nope! In comes OC Scott Frost. Martinez will move to the OC spot. So that really leaves the true question who will be the Chargers DC? That is where we have been stumped. We have been thinking for the last 2 days who could this be since we figured out the domino affect in the front office & staff. Who could come in here and get this defense playing well again! Well we have thought of all options and still have nobody in mind that would be on Ferreira Sr radar. Will he even be the one to hire them? Or will it be Greco be the one to hire his replacement. Time will tell.


One other interesting point we mentioned earlier. "Watson" what does the future hold for Watson as the QB of the Chargers? As we ALL know Watson isn't very much liked by the HC Greco. So once this news is "Official" will we see the trigger get pulled to trade Watson?