Baltimore Defensive Stud of the Cycle

by Kevin_72809 | 5 months ago | 0 Comments

Hey guys back with our second end of cycle article.
Highlighting on of our truly great defensive players of the year,

this one was much more tough on me then the Offensive side of the ball,
I think my favorite pick in the draft is Tyler Mcknight.. how often do you draft a corner as fast and as talll as he is ... i mean cmon ... Right?
 but he never fully had the complete on field domination that game wrecking play making ability.
Should it be a guy like Andy Hambrick?! a 6'4 Tower who played mostly sub-lb for us, a heavy hitter with a nose for the ball. always seemed to be in the right place at het right time... who knows maybe if he was any faster then 88 spd ... he may have gotten the nod...

Nope! our defensive stud of the Cycle belongs solely to Alex Brown , the 6'1 253 LB  finnesse DE selceted 8th overall out of U of Georgia

AB was a monster, he was a problem, he was someone that coaches gameplanned around. ran to the opposite side of the field that he was lined up on.
Posting outrageous stats (on a stacked DLine)
finished with an outrageously high 95 acc, with 84 speed. the Big hitter trait, 97 finesse move with the Swim and spin trait.
he played 9 seasons ( missing 14 games of one with a torn achilles)
had 355 total tackles, 70 sacks and 93 TFL ( on pace to shatter, terrell suggs 141 sacks over 17 years)
12 forced fumbles, 3 Touchdowns

#69 was the heart and soul of our defense EVERY SINGLE SEASON, every big play, every snuffed out drive. it all began with AB wreacking havoc.

Congrautlations to AB on his Rig of Honor selection. May he enjoy Retirement the way he enjoyed sacking Joe burrow.
Thank you Alex Brown