- User Role: Created Coach
- Game Skill: All-Madden
- Quarter Length: 8 minutes
- Accelerated Clock: 20 seconds
- Game Speed: Normal
- Injuries: On (Off during Preseason and force win sims)
- Pre-Existing Injuries: Off
- Fill Roster: Off
- Twitch/Mixer Streaming: Yes

- Commissioner - Nick Larson
- Co-Comissioner - Regan Long
- Director of Officiating - Jmo
- Advances: Every 72 hours at 10 pm EST.
- If all games are complete, we will advance early.
- We do not wait on games against CPU.
- If contact has not been made within 24 hours of advance, the game may be simmed or the unresponsive owner put on autopilot.
- If the user's cannot agree or find a time to play, user with more availability will get to play cpu, unless both users agree on a straight sim.
- Game must be scheduled and posted in #schedule channel within 24 hours of advance. If not both users will receive a schedule warning.
- For playoffs we move to a 48 hour advance, unless special circumstances apply.
- For all issues regarding scheduling, force wins, disconnects, please message our schedule director.

- Must have discord.
- Must have a Daddy Leagues account
- You will be given a username and password for your team's twitter account.
- Must have a twitch account to stream your games. All games are required to be archived, this allows us to watch previous games and pull the video for league related shows or handle game play disputes.
- All games have to be streamed, including CPU games. The away team is responsible for streaming.

- All league members are expected to conduct themselves as mature adults. The XCFL community should be a place to meet new friends and have fun. Users are expected to play realistic simulation football and treat other members with integrity and respect. We expect all members to be open to feedback and improving their sim game.
- Members caught cheating, team killing, displaying a win at all costs attitude, using excessive profanity, racial slurs or remarks, verbally abusing other members or otherwise displaying a negative or aggressive attitude towards members or site staff will be removed from the league and face a permanent ban from the site.
- All members should keep in mind that being competitive and showing good sportsmanship can go hand-in-hand. Treat others as you would hope they would treat you and everyone’s experience will benefit. Abusing any aspect of the game or playing unrealistic/unsim football will be penalized.
- We understand guys mess up when getting used to our rules, especially the no usering and no manual ints, defensive freelancing, or switching players while the ball is in the air rules. If this happens pause the game, send your opponent a quick apology and correct it by recreating the situation or punting the ball back to the other team. Do the right thing and find a way to make things right if you screw up.
- Please wait 24 hours to calm down, re-watch your game, and take notes before making a complaint. All complaints, arguments, and questions must be done privately and respectfully to an admin. and/or your opponent in DMs.
- Members are not to complain to their opponent in game for any reason. Do not send messages about game play via DM. This goes for game complaints, rule violations or just out of frustration. Do not complain on Discord in any chat room either.
- If you have complaints about a person’s style or rule violations refer to the complaints rules above for how to handle them.
Staff reserves the right to use whatever punishment they feel necessary for any broken rule. These punishments could be a suspension of the player or the user. If you are caught abusing any known glitch, punishment could be automatic removal if staff feels it is necessary.

- 2 team/league articles per season.
- Remain active on twitter. Make sure to @XCFLNetwork at the end of each tweet.
- Failure to meet content requirements can lead to player suspension or removal from league.

- Goal line formations may only be used within 10 yards of the goal line or on inches to go.
- Strategically mix up your play calling. No abusing certain formations, routes, or concepts.
- Mix up runs and passes no more than 70% either way.
- Do not rely on go-to plays in similar situations repeatedly.
- A pattern of overusing any player is not allowed.
- 32% rule - Your #1 pass catcher can not catch more than 32% of your team’s total completions throughout the season.
- If a team does not comply in week 14, the WR will be suspended 1 game.
- If the team does not comply in week 15, the suspension becomes 2 games.
- If the team still does not comply in week 16, the suspension becomes 5 games.
- If the team still does not comply in week 17, the suspension becomes 10 games.
- All suspensions will be enforced during the playoffs.  If the non compliant team fails to make the playoffs, the suspension will apply to their top WR the following regular season.
- Running plays should be a decent mixture of inside/outside and right/left designed runs.
- Follow the play art on run plays. Do not just call an inside run and pull it to the outside unless the play has clearly broken down.
- Do not take runs on 90 degree angles or run horizontally.
- Hot routes must be kept to a minimum and not used to design a brand new play.
- Monster formation is banned.

Play Action Passing
- Teams can use play action on 2nd and 10 and shorter. And 3rd and 6 and shorter.
- Do not use on 2nd and more than 10 yards.
- Do not use on 3rd or 4th and 6 or more.
- Do not use PA in 4th quarter under 1 minute with 0 timeouts.
- This is a common sense rule, do not use play action in a situation a real team wouldn’t. Staff can use their own discretion to decide if play action was illegal.

Quick Snaps / Throws
- Only allowed in no-huddle situations
- The defense must be allowed time to see the offensive formation and make quick adjustments
- Allow defense to reset after an offensive or defensive audible
- No snapping the ball while the defense is mid-audible

- Players in motion must be set prior to snap, unless it is a designed play.
- Defense must be allowed to reset prior to snap, no quick snaps

Quarterback Scrambling
Not allowed, except in these situations:
- Read-option and designed QB rollout plays
- Receivers can’t get open (must be a reasonable amount of time to scan progressions)
- Pocket is collapsing and/or the QB is escaping a sack
- QBs are never allowed to stand near the sideline waiting to throw the ball. You are however allowed to set your feet and throw immediately after.
- Playmaker is Strictly Prohibited

User Catching
- No switching or user/manual catching with RB, WR, TE
- You may use the A, X, Y button catches.
- Can not touch joystick while clicking catch buttons.

No Huddle Offense
Allowed in these situations:
- Once per possession
- Within the 2 minute warning of each half
- Losing by 17 points in the 3rd quarter
- Losing by 10 points in the 4th quarter
- Mixing up play calling is still required

4th Down Conversions
You are allowed to go for it in these circumstances:
- 4th and 3 or less inside the 10 once per game
- One coach's decision on opponents side of the 50 once per game
- 2nd Half – Down by 17 points or more.
- 4th Quarter - Down 9 points or more
- 4th Quarter – Under 4 Minutes losing by any amount.
- 4th Quarter and Winning, 4th and 5 or closer, from the 50 yardline in. (on opponents side of the field & only permitted once per game)
- Over Time You can go for it at your own risk

Play Clock Management
Chew clock is not allowed:
- Unless your opponent requests it, or when leading in the final 4 minutes.
- Letting the play clock drop low every time is also considered chewing clock
- Can not chew clock in overtime.

QB Kneel
- After the 2 minute warning, winning by any amount, and losing team has no timeouts left.
- Running Up Score Not Allowed – Please be respectful and show good sportsmanship.
- 1st Half:
No score cap.
2nd Half:
35 points – No offensive TDs, only FGs and defensive TDs are allowed.
4th Quarter:
When winning by 35+ points:
- Run on 1st and 2nd down.
- May pass on 3rd down, but only to convert the 1st down.
- FGs and defensive TDs are allowed.

Play Calling
- Goal line formations may only be used against goal line or on inches to go.
- Mix up your man and zone plays and try to be as diverse as possible. Use both man and zone defense. Do not just abuse one or the other the entire game. Neither should be used more than a 70% of the time.
- Do not overuse the same play/play concept/formation during the same situation, drive, or game.
- Running the same play/play concept out of a different formation is not mixing it up.
- Do not rely on go-to plays (blitzes, man or zone) in similar situations repeatedly.
- A base Cover 2 or Cover 3 defense should have a mix of Cover 1 Man, Cover 2 Man, Cover 4, 6, 9 and blitzes to keep the offense guessing.
- Adjustments and hot routes must be realistic, kept to a minimum and not used to design a brand new play. You should not be hot routing every play
- Nano Blitzing & Any Other Form of Defensive Glitch Strictly Prohibited

Defensive Movement
- Do not manually move any player until after the snap, unless part of an audible or group movement.
- Do not roam, chase, or cover outside of the play design. If you control a player not on the defensive line you must stay within the play called. If the play is a zone the you have to strafe during the play. (For man you don’t have to strafe but you can’t leave the coverage for any reason until after a ball is caught.)
- 3 pass rushers are required on all defensive plays. QB spy is not a pass rusher.
- No longer have to match personnel, but cannot be in quarters formation if they don't have at least 3 WRs on the field.

Defensive Coverage
- No user/manual catching (user picks) ever
- No switching to DB, LB, DL while the ball is in the air, you can only switch after the pass catcher touches the ball.
- You may use the A (play man) and X (swat ball) moves at will
- If the screen says “User Pick or User lurk”, the rule was broken. If this occurs, You will select field goal and kick it out of bounds to give the ball back to your opponent.

- Only 1 Fake Punt or Fake Field Goal allowed per game.
- Only allowed if you are past your own 40-yard line.
- Do not manually move players to set up blocking.
- All punts should land in a catch-able area barring wind driving it out of bounds
- If you are across the 50 yard line, you may punt the ball out of bounds to pin opponent deep (coffin corner punt).

Free Agency
Preseason and Regular Season:
- Allowed to sign one free agent per week over 71 OVR and above
- Allowed to sign unlimited free agents all season 70 OVR or under
Cutting Players
- You are ONLY allowed to CUT players who are 75 overall and LOWER during the season to make room for cap. Any player that is HIGHER than 75 OVERALL must be released during the OFFSEASON to prevent collusion and allow for all teams to bid through Free Agency.
- Do not cut free agents during the playoffs. No teams should sign FA after the completion of their Week 17 game. Playoff teams make sign players.
- You are not allowed to offer 6 or 7 year contracts, unless the player is requesting one. Then you MUST send a picture of the screen showing the player asking for 6 or 7 years to a staff member.

Off-Season Free Agency
- All bids must be realistic and fair. You may not offer less than 50% of what the player is asking for in years, pay or bonus.
- You may not offer more than 150 points to a single player in free agency.
- If you place a bid of more than 99 points on a player, that bid has to remain there until the player signs. You may increase it, but cannot lower or remove it.
- If you release a player to save cap room then attempt to resign them, you may not offer any less than what the player is asking for in years, salary or bonus.
- No trading of free agents during the same season you signed them.
- Staff reserves the right to make certain players ineligible for bids based on confirmed glitches where players fail to resign and other issues that may occur.
- If staff determines winning bids are unrealistic, we reserve the right to cancel or nullify those bids and the team will be stuck with the subsequent cap penalty.

- 4 total trades a season
- All traded players must remain with new team for remainder of season
- No trading with CPU teams
- Can only have 2 1st round picks in each draft
- Trades can only be 3x3 max.
- Rookie 1st rounders cannot be traded for 2 full seasons.
- Rookie 2nd rounders cannot be traded for 1 full season.
- Teams cannot have more than TWO 1st round picks in a single draft.
- Playoff teams cannot trade into the top 10. If you make the trade prior to trade deadline and the draft picks ends up in the top 10 that is okay, but it may not be traded.
- Once per cycle a playoff team can trade into the top 10.

Trade Submission Process
- Trades must be submitted via the XCFL Trade Submission Form
- Trades must get three approvals by the trade committee
- All trades are final, unless both parties agree to have it voided

Trade Submission Format

Draft Pick: Please say current or future then round of pick

- Teams must maintain a 51 man roster (61 with 10 from practice squad)

Roster Positions
The following adjustments are allowed:
- FB > HB
- TE, FB <> TE, FB
- T, G, C <> T, G, C
- OLB > DE, with admin approval
- S > CB
- CB > S, with admin approval.

Practice Squad Stealing
- Team’s are only allowed three total steals from other teams practice squad per season. (Preseason Week 4 – Regular Season Week 17)
- You must send a screenshot of the player you are stealing to admin team.

1st Half:
- Recreate situation. Unless both agree upon full restart.
3rd Quarter
- 27 or less score differential, restart game from previous spot (score, possession, field position, time), but only play the 1st half. Score will be unseen, but implied, remember this when determining the winner, play CPU or ask for forced win
- 28 or more score differential, game is final, play CPU or ask for forced win
4th Quarter:
- 20 or less score differential, restart game from previous spot (score, possession, field position, time), but only play the 2nd quarter. Score will be unseen, but implied, remember this when determining the winner, play CPU or ask for forced win
- 21 or more score differential, game is final, play CPU or ask for forced win

- Exit game before halftime, once outcome is determined. Conceding in the 2nd half, will make game final, disconnect your internet if this is not desired
- If an opponent doesn’t respond within 15 min of disconnect, they will go AP
- If one player was losing and wants to go on AP, they can
- You may chose to restart and play the whole game, no matter when occurred
- Intentional Quit / Disconnect Is Forbidden

Force Win/Missing Games Policy
- This rule is in place to avoid everyone just giving out force wins at the end of the season, messing with playoff situations.
- Due to unrealistic stats and the effect awards/stats have on development, a user may not receive more than two force wins in a season, if you have already received two FW on the season you would have to play cpu the rest of the way should your opponent not be able to play.
- Alternatively should a user miss more than two games in a season they would be subject to a player suspension of the staffs choice. If it is a tanking situation near the end of the season the staff may choose to suspend your player for the beginning of the next season.
- If you have a D/C and a force win is needed, it will not count towards your 2 force wins, unless this keeps happening on multiple occasions then we might need to get you some new internet
- If you are heading on vacation those games won’t count towards a player suspension, as long as that vacation is posted a (real life) week in advance in the vacation channel. If you have any vacations planned just post them ASAP.
- If you give out a force win, that isn't the result of a disconnection or vacation, you will lose 10 user rank points.