Buffalo Bills 85 OVR



Vertical Zone Run

O. Scheme

Base 4-3

D. Scheme


Salary Cap


Salary Free


Salary Spent

























Most Expensive
Top Players

Clay Henry

$32.36M 99OVR

Malachi Warrick

$15.68M 99OVR

Kirk Sherman

$7.94M 97OVR

Javonti Bolden

$5.28M 94OVR

Zhaire Steele

$5.63M 93OVR

Upcoming Free Agents

Reggie Murray

$4.56M 91OVR

Tristan Wirfs

$6.77M 90OVR

Josh Allen

$20.76M 86OVR

Lindsey Chambers

$4.39M 85OVR

Ed Oliver

$8.97M 83OVR

AFC East
Team W L T Pct
Miami Dolphins 9 4 0 0.692
New England Patriots 8 5 0 0.615
Buffalo Bills 5 8 0 0.385
New York Jets 4 9 0 0.308

Milestone Watch - Daymond Cofield

History approaches for Daymond Cofield. Lets take a look at his career;


Daymond was drafted 18th overall back 2022. He was a twin brother to Deion Cofield who was drafted 3rd overall to the San Francisco. Deion went to the pretigous Oregon University, Daymond got in trouble in high school and had to settle for a smaller divsion one school Bowling Green. 

Daymond took over at starting halfback his rookie year and has done nothing but produce at a...

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Running backs - The Buffalo Stampede

Every team, every city has an identity. In Buffalo, we are known for Niagra Falls, Hot wings, and running backs. We have been blessed and spoiled by the likes of Thurman, O.J., Freddy, Willis, LeSean, Cookie, etc...and then  Daymond came to us. Daymond or "Money" as he is known, came to us at the 18th pick in round one of the 2022 draft. He exploded on the scene, winning rookie of the year honors in route to a 1331 yard 21 TD season. Now, after six full seasons Daymond ranks...

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The Legend of Stuart Eakin

As we begin the new season, Buffalo has added a new team captain to the mix, young Stuart Eakin will wear a "C" on his chest. In what became a Cinderalla story last season, with Stuart going 7-8 in 15 games and winning three division games, Stuart showed he was a winner. Now he has had a full off-season taking all the number one reps, its time to see what he can do. Buffalo lost the home opener to Oakland behind a four touchdown and 339 yard throwing performace, it will take all ...

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The Time is Now

Well let's address the elephant in the room, Buffalo's Coach Morlock is 0-12 life against Joshe and 0-11 lifetime against VBD. It ends this season! 
With the additions in the off-season of LT Taylor Lewan, CB Kevin King, and SS Marquise Blair and a strong draft adding OL Stinson, RE Baxter, and Superstar S Burley. It's our time.

Buffalo has developed Goodson, Bates, Cofield, Bean, and Oliver with a lot of trial by fire. Can we get off to a good start and...

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The history of the Bills first round draft picks; Season 1-5

Here is the history of the Bills and there roaming first round draft pick. This season, marks the first time this cycle that the actual pick will be used by Buffalo. With that being said, history shows it will probably be traded.


Year 1. Traded back 8 spots with the Ravens and picked up a second round pick. Buffalo drafted Orlando Goodson with the first round pick and drafted FB Kasey Black. Both players are still on current roster. Because Orlando was runner u...

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2030 Regular Season Leaders
Passing Cmp Att Yds TD
Clay Henry 222 335 2795 16
Rushing Att Yds Avg TD
Zhaire Steele 131 502 3.8 7
Deionte Brown 38 186 4.9 3
Joseph Whitfield 61 177 2.9 0
Clay Henry 14 -16 -1.1 0
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TD
Lynn McMahon 39 774 19.8 5
Mitchell Thompson 39 564 14.5 2
Kirk Sherman 39 535 13.7 3
Reggie Murray 37 361 9.8 0
Joseph Whitfield 38 276 7.3 2
Defense Tackles Sacks FF INT
Terrance Clarke 52 0 0 2
Matthew Culver 37 0 0 1
Javonti Bolden 36 2 0 4
Bo Grant 30 0 1 2
Ricky Frye 29 1 0 3
Injury Players
Athlete OVR Position Length
Carlos Alvarado 77 C 5 Weeks
Athlete OVR Position Type
Grant Bailey 63 RG Signed
Jerome Harper 60 DT Signed
Harold Shields 65 WR Signed
Isaiah Porter 72 CB Released
Von Leak 68 WR Released