Miami Dolphins 80 OVR



Vertical Zone Run

O. Scheme

3-4 Storm

D. Scheme


Salary Cap


Salary Free


Salary Spent

























Most Expensive
Top Players

J.J. Watt

$29.15M 88OVR

Gary Jennings

$6.03M 87OVR

Dwayne Haskins Jr

$23.07M 87OVR

Will Harris

$3.91M 87OVR

Dante Pettis

$8.63M 87OVR

Upcoming Free Agents

Donte Simmons

$4.66M 86OVR

Alani Bassey

$12.37M 85OVR

Cornell Rankin

$4.47M 84OVR

James Washington

$4.81M 83OVR

Derrick Henry

$7.20M 80OVR

AFC East
Team W L T Pct
Miami Dolphins 2 0 0 1.000
New York Jets 2 0 0 1.000
New England Patriots 1 1 0 0.500
Buffalo Bills 1 1 0 0.500

Miami Dolphins 2020 Summary

    As quick as it began, the 2020 season is in the books for Miami. Another year down the drain as far as ownership is concerned, the season could have gone much better but regardless it's time to move forward, focus on what needs to be improved and head into the offseason looking for positives. The first full season under new ownership saw Miami finish 6-10, an improvement on the previous yea...

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Miraculous Offseason In Miami Recap

Theres a buzz in the air again as the XCFL heads towards it's 2021 season kickoff tonight. A busy offseason around the league saw many players sent off to new homes and a handful of promising young talent welcomed in the draft. As for Miami, new ownership promised big changes when taking over in Week 11 last season, and its hard to argue they haven't delivered so far. A rapid overhaul of the roster, ...

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Miami Dolphins 2019 Summary

Miami fans, take a deep sigh of relief. Not an accomplished sigh of relief, but a relief nonethless that the grueling 2019 season is finally over. After a promising 31-7 blowout over the Ravens at home in week 1, the Dolphins proceeded to lose 14 of the next 15 games and finished 2019 with a 2-14 record. The early season struggles lead to the events in week 11 which saw the Dolphins change ownership groups and hand con...

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Dolphins Ownership Change

As many have already heard, after a rough start to the 2019 season, the Miami Dolphins have officialy handed the keys to the franchise over to BILLYjunior19. It's been a grueling and tiresome task being a Dolphins fan in recent years, and seems like an eternity since the franchise has had any real success. Unbothered by media and the poor state of the team, new owner is coming into Miami eager to take on the challenge of making the Dolphins a relevant tea...

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2024 Regular Season Leaders
Passing Cmp Att Yds TD
Dwayne Haskins Jr 32 40 550 7
Rushing Att Yds Avg TD
Matt Houston 34 214 6.3 1
Derrick Henry 17 69 4.1 1
Dwayne Haskins Jr 1 -1 -1.0 0
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TD
Gary Jennings 7 172 24.6 2
Dante Pettis 6 118 19.7 1
Roy Dixon 8 105 13.1 3
James Washington 5 73 14.6 1
Matt Houston 4 60 15.0 0
Defense Tackles Sacks FF INT
Will Harris 7 0 0 0
Cornell Rankin 5 3 0 0
Lonnie Burks 4 0 0 0
Lamarcus Barrow 4 2 1 0
J.J. Watt 4 4 0 0
Injury Players
Athlete OVR Position Length
Athlete OVR Position Type
Josh Moore 71 QB Signed
Josh Moore 71 QB Signed
Kendrick Newhouse 53 QB Released
Quincy Truman 57 ROLB Signed
Buck Farreny 57 RG Signed