Seattle Seahawks 80 OVR



Vertical Zone Run

O. Scheme

4-3 Cover 3

D. Scheme


Salary Cap


Salary Free


Salary Spent

























Most Expensive
Top Players

Ben Burr-Kirven

$7.44M 89OVR

Amari Cooper

$13.44M 89OVR

Chris Carson

$7.69M 85OVR

Bradley Chubb

$10.03M 85OVR

Mike McGlinchey

$10.63M 85OVR

Upcoming Free Agents

Nathan Barlow

$4.70M 84OVR

Cam Newton

$8.75M 80OVR

Jalen McCullers

$3.15M 76OVR

Jordan Thomas

$2.12M 75OVR

Kareem Wheatley

$1.02M 75OVR

NFC West
Team W L T Pct
San Francisco 49ers 1 1 0 0.500
Arizona Cardinals 0 1 0 0.000
Seattle Seahawks 0 1 0 0.000
Los Angeles Rams 0 2 0 0.000

Where are they now? Revisiting the Seahawks Season 28 Draft Class

It's been 2 years now since the Season 28 draft, let's take a look back at how the Seahawks draft class is progressing. The Hawks traded up to 3rd overall, then traded back with the 49ers for two first round picks and future first (the future first was packaged the following year to move up to 1st overall and select Leon Lewis). The pick at 3 would have been who the 49ers selected, safety Deion Cofield. Instead, the Seahawks landed Wade Benedict and Leonard Dillon.
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Offseason in Seattle: 2020 Pieces

Offseason PSA.

I am sure this is uncommon, but I dont do things the normal way. Offseason is the best part of the year for me as trading and drafting are my favorite things in madden. Away we go

Looking ahead into the offseason Seattle is set at key positions. Positions that are highly valued in the league that we don't need to focus on in the draft. It is both a blessing and a curse as Sanchez Del Pendayho still wants to get better on Defense.


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The Unpopular Opinion, 4th ed: New League, Old Me / Introduction and other things

Kayser Soze Says . . .

I’m a Close up Camera Runnin’

Interception Slingin’

Low Middle of the Pack Rockin’

Defense Buildin’

Trade Talk Wieldin’

Defensive Tackle Floppin’

Opinion Havin’ Son of a Gun.


Yep. You heard it right. Want a good laugh? Run a RB Screen against me and watch the DT belly flop competition begin! The X button mash is rea...

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2024 Regular Season Leaders
Passing Cmp Att Yds TD
Kenan Powell 18 32 317 3
Rushing Att Yds Avg TD
Phillip Humphrey 14 48 3.4 0
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TD
Tyler Davis 5 118 23.6 0
Amari Cooper 5 104 20.8 2
Sean Jackson 6 79 13.2 1
Emmett Bishop 2 16 8.0 0
Phillip Humphrey 0 0 0
Defense Tackles Sacks FF INT
Raymond Livingston 5 0 0 0
Chauncey Gardner-Johnson 4 0 0 1
Leonard Dillon 3 2 0 0
Leon Lewis 3 0 0 1
Taco Charlton 2 0 0 0
Injury Players
Athlete OVR Position Length
Phillip Humphrey 78 HB 8 Weeks
Athlete OVR Position Type
Jalen McCullers 76 LOLB Signed
Dom Turner 60 LOLB Released
Dell Fletcher 57 SS Signed
Vernon Austin 57 WR Signed
Raymond Newton 58 MLB Signed